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What appears to be beautiful colonial windows are really custom made 1/2" solid steel square bars expertly machined and welded to resemble the real thing while putting and end to "smash and grab" robberies.

Hollow Metal Doors

Steel hollow metal doors and frames are strong and fire resistant. They provide security, durability and safe and easy egress. Our doors are used in Prisons, Police Stations, Schools, and countless businesses where easy egress and strong security are required. Have an old door that needs to be replaced? We know how to do it. Whether it means expertly matching the size and alignment to your existing frame, or removing the old frame and securely installing a new one. Whatever its installed on, we make it secure and we make it work right.

This may look like a simple steel door but beneath the 1/8" thick steel skin is a structural steel tube frame--and it's insulated too! It also has heavy duty hinges, one inch solid steel vault pins and a full length astragal to prevent prying and lifting. Once our client installed this door, his break-ins stopped!

Custom Doors And Security

Whatever your concern, we can design a solution! This ATM enclosure is not only strong and weatherproof, but virtually indestructible!

Hollow Metal Doors and Custom Fabrications

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Hollow Metal Doors and Custom Fabrications


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